Bible words for kids

Explaining 'big' Bible words to kids

Download this List of Bible words for kids.


Bible words

When teaching children the Bible, we sometimes use words that are unfamiliar to them. Words that are used mainly in a Bible, or in a Christian context, may not be understood by younger children or by those who do not come from a Christian background.

While we should not avoid using Bible-specific words, we should ensure that children understand what we are saying. One way of doing this is by using the word together with a short explanation. This can be done quite easily without interrupting the flow of one's talk.

Here are some examples of how the explanation of a word can be integrated into a sentence.

a. Then a leper—a man with a terrible skin disease—cried out...
b. Then they crucified Jesus—they nailed Him to a wooden cross.

a. … Scripture, which is God’s Word, the Bible.
b. … Pentecost, which is a Jewish feast celebrating the beginning of the wheat harvest.

a. A veil or curtain separated...
b. So he asked the seer or prophet…

a. … repent, which means being sorry for one’s sin.
b. … Salvation, which means being saved from sin.

A list of unfamiliar Bible words

While it is always best to come up with your own explanation of a difficult word, this list of Bible word explanations can help you get started. To download the list, click on the red title below.