June 24

2 Kings 5:5-8

The king can’t help

Naaman set out on a journey from Syria to Israel to find the prophet who could cure him of his skin disease. He took with some silver and gold, beautiful clothes and a letter that his king had written.

After a long journey, he arrived in the city of the king of Israel and handed him the letter which said: “This is my officer Naaman. I want you to cure him of his skin disease.”

When the king read the letter, he was very upset and tore his clothes. “How can your king expect me to cure you? Does he think I am God? He just wants to pick a fight with me!”

When Elisha heard what had happened he sent a message to the king: “Why are you so upset? Send the man to me and I will show him that there is a prophet here who serves the living God.”

Should I go to a doctor or pray for healing?

When you feel sick, your mom probably tucks you up in bed and gives you some horrible tasting stuff that makes you better. Some sicknesses are so bad that we need to see a doctor or even a specialist. God will not be upset when your mom takes you to the doctor even when you have prayed and asked Him to make you better.

Think of what you do when you have toothache. Do you ask God to fill your cavity or do you let a dentist fill it?

In most cases, God uses doctors and medicines to make us better. And when doctors don’t have a cure for an illness, God still has the same power to heal in miraculous ways! So even if you go to a doctor, you can still trust God to help you feel better and make you body strong again.

Verse for today

… People brought to Jesus all who had various kinds of sickness, and laying his hands on each one, he healed them. Luke 4:40